The story behind IN accessories consists of three different aspects: Our style, the sources of inspiration and inviting you to join the design process.

Minimalist jewelry.

Passion for creative abstraction is the core of our design language. Translating inspirations into sleek lines and shapes is what we love to do the most.

Inspired by nature.

Myriad inspirations come from nature that we were (and still are) blessed to see from all over the world.

We have divided those inspirations into four collections, each of them representing an element of nature.


Deep in the Sea

Discovery of what is beneath the splashing waves.


Up in the Air

Experiencing the sky by soaring like birds and floating like clouds.


Bloom in Summer

Sensations of smelling flowers and feeling the sweet sunshine on your skin.


Far in the East

Entering exotic and mysterious Asia and balancing between modern and traditional symbols.

Co-created with you.

All collections cater to the taste and budget of every woman by offering co-design.

We provide the thematic basics and you complete the design with your personal style.

Design Your Own Piece

Ready to join us? Let your creativity flow and your designed piece reflect who you are!

Ready to Wear

Looking for something special right now? Wander around in our creative playground 🙂