How do I maintain the quality of my jewelry?

Please take good care of the precious jewelry that we have co-created. You will enjoy your pieces the most if you follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid contact between your jewelry and liquids, such as water, perfume, body lotion and other creams. If it does occur, clean and dry immediately.
    • Do not shower, swim, exercise or sleep with your jewelry pieces on.
    • Wear your jewelry pieces after applying creams, make-up and hair products.
  • Brass, bronze and silver jewelry could become darker over time depending on your skin type and how you treat your jewelry. The dark color can be gently removed by occasional cleaning.
    • Clean your brass, bronze and silver jewelry with a special cleaning cloth for silver. These cleaning cloths are easily purchased online and in jewelry stores for less than EUR 10.
  • Store your jewelry in a soft and closed packaging and a cool, dry, dark and dust free environment.
  • Store each jewelry piece separately, not touching other jewelry pieces or items that might damage it.

Place an order

Which payment method can I use?

  • You can pay by the online payment services iDeal and Paypal. You can also transfer the money directly to our bank account. Please state your order number in your bank transfer description.

Can I cancel my order before I receive it?

  • Once your order is placed, you cannot cancel it.

How do I use an IN coupon code or gift card?

  • When you are at the ‘Cart’ or ‘Checkout’ page, enter your coupon code or the number on your gift card in the Coupon field. Your discount or value will be automatically applied.

Why is my coupon code not valid?

  • All coupon codes – unless stated with a specific expiry date – are valid for one month after publication.

Delivery and shipping

How long will it take to receive my jewelry?

  • Design Your Own Piece jewelry is made to order. After you have placed your order, your piece will be made with 3D printing. Then it will be assembled with chain materials and packaged by hand. The duration of this process is around 3 weeks. We will do our best to ship your jewelry as soon as possible. Basics and Ready to Wear pieces will be shipped the day after your order. Once we’ve sent your order, package delivery time depends on your destination. You will receive a tracking code for your package. 

Is the shipping worldwide?

  • Yes, we are based in the Netherlands and ship worldwide except when postal services are stopped or delayed in the regions where conflict or war takes place.
  • Shipment within Europe is free. International shipment cost 7 EUR, or free when order above 150 EUR.

Warranty and return policy

Do I get a warranty?

  • Yes, you will receive a one year warranty from us to replace all pins, jump rings and coral, petrol and black chains.

Can I return my jewelry?

  • Since IN’s jewelries are co-created with you, we don’t apply the 14 days free return policy except the following cases:
    • The quality of the jewelry is not good upon shipment.
    • The size or material is different than your order.
    • You have bought from the ‘Basics’ or ‘Ready to Wear’ collection.

If there is anything else, please contact us by email and we will find a solution together.